Educational Videos by Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker – Adoptee, Adoptive Parent & Psychologist

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“EMPOWRD! Ways to Respond to Adoption Questions”

The video for parents, to complement the workbook for kids! Developed by an adoptee, for adoptees – learn six simple and effective strategies for responding to questions about your or your child’s adoption story, and order your “EMPOWRD! Ways to Respond to Adoption Questions” Workbook for elementary-age adoptees at

“Talking to Transracially Adoptive Kids About Race & Racism”

For foster and adoptive parents. Learn how to talk to your child about race and racism in a developmentally appropriate manner, using concrete examples to help them understand the importance of celebrating differences and diversity, and the acronym RAD RIC to remind them of options for responding to racism in a healthy way that promotes positive racial identity development.

“Understanding & Responding to Adoption Trauma”

For foster and adoptive parents. Learn about how loss and trauma impact a child’s brain development and behavior, how to accurately recognize attention-seeking tantrums vs. genuine distress, and how to respond effectively with parenting that focuses on attunement and attachment when your child’s trauma-reactive behaviors are triggered. Strategies to support your child with common struggles are also addressed, such as aggression, argumentativeness, sleep anxiety, homework avoidance and more.