We talk a lot about what it means to be an “ally” when it comes to white privilege and transracial adoption. Many parents work hard to learn as much as possible about the experiences of people of color in their communities in order to pass this information along to their adoptive children (which is a great thing). Some parents try to use their children’s experiences as transracial adoptees to teach others about race, or offer examples, or seek advice (which is not always a great thing). One recent interaction with an adoptive parent comes to mind when I think about the perfect example of a parent who is acting as a true ally to his children in the battle against white privilege and all of its’ harmful messages and consequences. It’s one thing to use your child’s story as an example to teach others, but it’s a completely different thing to create a product that your children need to combat such messages. So this is a shout out to Toby┬áMeisenheimer and the Tru-Colour Bandages team during #NationalAdoptionMonth: YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! http://www.trucolourbandages.com/ #diversityinhealing