1. A Valuable Child Psychologist

    I am Dr. Chaitra Wirta and I am a licensed psychologist and the owner of Beyond Words Psychological Services. I completely understand that finding the “right” psychologist can be a daunting task. My company and I invite you to explore my website and decide whether it feels like a good fit for your needs. I am a very valuable child psychologist in this neck of the woods!…Read More

  2. Our Child Psychologist Can Help With School Related Stresses

    With school starting there is always the chance of your child having a hard time adjusting, or coping with the everyday issues they face, like bullying. At Beyond Words Psychological Services, our child psychologist can work with your child to iron smooth those rough patches that pop up and give them the coping skills they need to deal with school, and childhood related stresses. Call now to make …Read More

  3. Grow Beyond Words With Our Child Psychologist

    Beyond Words Psychological Services offers help for you child when they are having a hard time with school, life, or the speed bumps that seem to pop up in all our lives. Our child psychologist puts focus on a child's needs and helps them develop the skills they need to successfully navigate life. If your child is having a hard time in school, or at home-- don't wait to get them the help they need…Read More

  4. Making Sense Of Concerning Behaviors With Our Child Psychologist

    Sometimes children do things we just don't understand. Like take the DVD player apart, or jump of the top bunk to see if they can fly. All of which are pretty normal in childhood and child development. But sometimes a child's behavior can be concerning and it's difficult for a parent to know how to deal with the behavior, or even-- what to think of it. Beyond Words Psychological Services and our c…Read More

  5. Let Our Child Psychologist Help Make Sense Of Your Child’s World

    There is so much going on in our child's world these days. Long gone are the “innocent” childhood days of our, or our parent's youth. Now our children face a different world with a lot more out there to cause them stress. Finding the right tools to deal with these stresses is vital when it comes to maintaining a child's mental health and sense of self. At Beyond Words Psychological Services, o…Read More

  6. Is a Psychologist the Mental Health Professional for You?

    It can be difficult to choose the mental health professional that fits your needs. The media often portrays psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers interchangeably, even though there are significant differences in the training these professionals receive, and the services they offer. April’s weekly blogs will focus on helping you to understand the differences between th…Read More

  7. Our Child Psychologist Can Help With The Sometimes Bumpy Road to Adulthood

    Childhood can be an amazing, magical time-- at times. But growing up is rarely the perfect movie experience we would all like, especially for our own children. These days there are so many things that a child experiences that they may not have the tools to understand. From divorces, to bullying, there are many bumps on a child's road to adulthood. Beyond Words Psychological Services wants to help …Read More