1. End Power Struggles by Giving Your Kid FLAC

    Those two dreaded words every parent hates to hear: power struggle. They are inevitable and exhausting and beyond frustrating. But there is hope! By understanding the dynamics of a power struggle with your child, you will have the upper hand in moving past them. One effective method for managing power struggles with most children is the FLAC method developed by Michael Popkin, PhD & Elizabeth …Read More

  2. Why Giving Your Child Choices Helps with Discipline

    It may sound contradictory: In order to get your child to follow through on your specific directions, you offer options for them to choose from. In some ways, yes, it gives your child more control over the situation. However, who decided that giving your child some control is a bad thing? While it’s true that you are in charge as the parent, being in charge does not mean controlling everything a…Read More

  3. Understanding How to Use Natural Consequences vs. Logical Consequences vs. Punishment

    There are thousands of parenting books out there, and sometimes it seems like they each coin their own terms just for the sake of being unique and trendy. But do they actually mean anything different from one another? Here is a clear explanation of three common terms associated with discipline: Natural Consequences – Just as the term says, these are consequences that occur naturally in a cause-e…Read More