1. The Ultimate Question for Adoptive Parents

    You and your child are stranded on a deserted island with four other people. You are getting worried, because your child is starting to run a fever and needs medical attention. A small, intact plane floats up onto the shore, and you are incredibly relieved that you finally have the resource necessary to get help for your child. There is no one on the plane, and only three people will fit inside. E…Read More

  2. A Wide Variety of Adoption Counseling Options

    Beyond Words Psychological Services is proud to offer adoptions counseling for families. Our therapist's passion for adoption counseling can benefit your forming family now, and in the future! Call now to schedule your appointment for a wide variety of adoption counseling options.…Read More

  3. Adoption Counseling, Including Pre-Adoptive Evaluations

    Do you need to fulfill pre-adoptive parent and family psychological evaluations as required by your agency, or county? Let Beyond Words Psychological Services help with great adoption counseling, including pre-adoptive evaluations. Call now to schedule your appointment .…Read More

  4. We Offer a Full Range of Adoption Counseling

    Are you creating a new family and need adoption counseling to assist with the process? At Beyond Words Psychological Service, we know that there are a lot of stresses that come hand in hand with the joy an adoption. We can help. We offer pre-adoptive parent and family psychological evaluations, Educational workshops for adoptive parents and adoption agencies, play and trauma therapy, and Adoptive …Read More

  5. Adoption Counseling for the Entire Adoption Process

    With all the different requirements that come with the adoption process, it's easy to forget that adoption counseling is not only beneficial to both the parents and child-- but that evaluations such as pre-adoptive psychological evaluations are a necessary part of every adoption. Beyond Words Psychological Services can provide comprehensive adoption counseling for all your needs. We offer per-adop…Read More

  6. We Can Help With All Your Adoption Counseling Needs

    There are many levels in which adoption counseling which are both necessary and beneficial to families either considering, or completing the process of adoption. From pre-adoptive parent and family psychological evaluations to trauma therapy to help your child deal with the struggles they had before becoming a part of your forever family-- Beyond Words Psychological Services offers the finest in a…Read More

  7. Adoption Counseling With Heart

    Adoption can be an exciting, amazing, and heartwarming time. But it also has it's stresses and fears-- for the adoptive parent(s), and the child. Adoption counseling from Beyond Words Psychological Services can help with many of the psychological facets of the adoption process. From pre-adoptive parent and family psychological evaluations to counseling tailored to help with the adjustment process-…Read More