Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker is a licensed psychologist specializing in adoption, trauma and transracial identity development. She offers the following single and ongoing professional consultation services.


  • Individual Educational Consultations (phone/video – 50 minutes – $95) – Learn about the typical needs, developmental stages, racial identity, and relationship dynamics of adoptees.
  • Individual Case Consultations (phone/video – 50 minutes – $95) – Seek specific treatment advice about a client who is a member of the adoption constellation.
  • Prospective Adoptive Parent Evaluation Consultations (phone/video – 50 minutes – $125) – Learn how to facilitate the psychological evaluation process for prospective adoptive parents. This consultation includes access to an interview matrix and sample reports.
  • Group Training (phone/video – 50 min – $160 + $150 for recording; live – 60 min – $160 + travel fees) – Receive a general or tailored educational presentation to improve the knowledge and skills of staff members working with adoptive families.


  • Adoption Advice Consultations (phone/video – 50 minutes – $95) – Seek education & professional advice regarding an adopted family member.

To schedule your consultation, email Dr. Wirta-Leiker at info@growbeyondwords.com to receive a password for online scheduling.

*February 20, 2020 @ 12:00-1:30PM (MST) ~ Webinar for Professionals: Bringing Race Into the Room: Understanding & Supporting Racial Attachment Needs with Transracially Adoptive Families ~ Supporting the attachment needs of transracial adoptees of color requires bringing race into the therapy room – but how? In this webinar, mental health professionals will learn about the common lived experiences of transracial adoptees of color and begin to see the world through their eyes to better understand how to serve their therapeutic needs. This webinar will cover the types of questions to ask adoptive parents & adopted individuals during an intake session to gain a comprehensive understanding of racial attachment needs, as well as practical strategies for bringing the topic of race into sessions. All registrants have the opportunity to join three live online consultation groups to receive individualized training & support with their clients; groups will meet from 12:00-1:30PM (MST) on March 5, April 7 & May 2. CE’s unavailable. Certificate of attendance available. Non-refundable; registration is transferable. Webinar only: $35; Webinar + 3 Consult Groups: $155. Registration closes February 19 @ 5:00PM MST.

Bringing Race Into the Room