Rad Ric is an acronym to help you and your transracially adopted kids remember the most effective ways to respond to racism:

R – Redirecting and channeling your anger into something positive and productive

A – Avoiding confrontations that involve hurtful words or actions

D – Defusing situations by staying calm and using gentle words

R – Reporting the problem to a trusted adult if it continues or is a safety concern

I – Ignoring racist remarks with pride by making eye contact, holding your head high and walking away

C – Comebacks using humor or cleverness to show confidence

The question is… What does Rad Ric look like?? I need YOUR help to decide!

I need a character to go with Rad Ric and his message, so put on your creativity caps, kids! Print the link below, and draw Rad Ric the way YOU think he should look! Mail your drawing in by May 1st, and be sure to “like” Beyond Words on Facebook to see YOUR picture posted online for all to see your creativity, talent and hard work! The winner will be announced on May 2nd, and will win a W.I.S.E.Up! Powerbook!

Rad Ric Contest Form