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You want your child to be successful, and sometimes emotional and behavioral difficulties can get in the way of that success. A psychological evaluation tailored to fit the needs of your child or teen may provide you with the answers you’ve been searching for and the recommendations necessary to help them meet their potential.

My psychological evaluation process is collaborative and transparent from beginning to end. After gathering background information and developing a greater understanding of your concerns, we’ll work together to build a testing process that fits your child’s or teen’s needs – it may include surveys for parents and teachers, personality or behavioral tests, in-home or in-school observation sessions, and more. You’ll receive an estimate of the cost before we start any of the testing, and we can adjust as needed to ensure your budget is met. Once the testing process is complete, I guarantee that the report will be completed within two weeks, and we’ll sit down together for a feedback session to discuss all of the results and recommendations

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