1. The Single Item that Made Me Understand Racism

    It was a Band-Aid. Well, not actually a Band-Aid – just the image of a Band-Aid. So small, yet so damaging. It changed my life – the entire way I had viewed racism shifted. It was no longer individual, overt interactions. It was about the million little ways I was taught that I don’t belong. My first class addressing multicultural issues was during my doctoral program. It was a six-day cours…Read More

  2. 30 Days of Adoptee Resources for National Adoption Month 2016

    For 2016’s National Adoption Awareness Month, check out 30 Days of Adoptee Resources – by adoptees, for adoptees & their families! If you missed out on the daily emails, here’s a comprehensive list of the resources shared through Beyond Words Psychological Services! Adopted – Documentary - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYI686su6PY Trauma to Treasure: A Healing Journey – Blog - http…Read More

  3. A New Tradition: 25 Days of Giving

    I have decided that beginning Thanksgiving Day of 2016, I am going to start a new tradition – 25 Days of Giving. On Thanksgiving, and for 24 days following, I am going to take 5 minutes out of each day to donate money to one cause that I believe is working to make our world a safer and more compassionate place. I have chosen to donate to organizations both local and global, those that are large-…Read More

  4. A Challenge for Transracially Adoptive Parents

    I often hear from adoptive parents that they are trying their best to learn about how they can support their child's needs - through reading books, blogs, and articles, by attending workshops and culture camps – they’re really trying. Yet all too often, when I ask who is writing, posting, or hosting these events, I hear, "Other adoptive parents." I once wrote a blog in which I asked the questi…Read More

  5. The Perfect Example of a Transracial Adoptive Parent Ally

    We talk a lot about what it means to be an "ally" when it comes to white privilege and transracial adoption. Many parents work hard to learn as much as possible about the experiences of people of color in their communities in order to pass this information along to their adoptive children (which is a great thing). Some parents try to use their children's experiences as transracial adoptees to teac…Read More