*January 31, 2020 @ 11:00AM-12:30PM (MST)/12:00-1:30PM (CST) ~ MNAdopt Webinar: Strategies to Support Positive Racial Identity Development in Transracial Adoption ~ Learn strategies to support transracial adoptees of color as they navigate the development of their racial identity in childhood, the teen years, and young adulthood. Gain a deeper understanding of the complex “in-between” world of transracial adoptees, including the influence of language, culture, racial mirrors, and true diversity on their identity development. Considerations and tools for discussing and responding to various forms of racism in empowered ways will be shared. REGISTER

*February 20, 2020 @ 12:00-1:30PM (MST) ~ Webinar for Professionals: Bringing Race Into the Room: Understanding & Supporting Racial Attachment Needs with Transracially Adoptive Families ~ Supporting the attachment needs of transracial adoptees of color requires bringing race into the therapy room – but how? In this webinar, mental health professionals will learn about the common lived experiences of transracial adoptees of color and begin to see the world through their eyes to better understand how to serve their therapeutic needs. This webinar will cover the types of questions to ask adoptive parents & adopted individuals during an intake session to gain a comprehensive understanding of racial attachment needs, as well as practical strategies for bringing the topic of race into sessions.

All registrants have the opportunity to join three live online consultation groups to receive individualized training & support with their clients; groups will meet from 12:00-1:30PM (MST) on March 5, April 2 & May 7.

Webinar available live & recorded for all registrants. Webinar only: $35; Webinar + 3 Consult Groups: $155.CE’s unavailable. Certificate of attendance available. Non-refundable; registration is transferable.

Registration closes February 19 @ 5:00PM MST.

Bringing Race Into the Room

*April 18, 2020 @ 9:15-10:45AM (MDT) ~ Adoption as a Lifelong Journey: Seven Core Struggles & Transracial Parenting @ Hope’s Promise (private event)


“The Adoptee Self-Reflection Journal”
Journal-Writing Prompts for Adopted Teens & Adults

This journal is for every adoptee who seeks to self-reflect and better understand their adoption journey, identity, and experiences. Over 50 prompts are included to guide exploration on a number of topics, including chapters entitled “In the Beginning,” “Beliefs,” “Wishes and What If’s,” “Relationships,” “Boundaries,” “The Media,” and more.

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“EMPOWRD! Ways to Respond to Adoption Questions”
Activity Book for Elementary-Age Kids

Learn about and practice six simple and effective strategies for responding to other people’s adoption questions in this fun activity book – developed by an adoptee, for adoptees!

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“Videos & Recorded Webinars for Parents”

***During the month of November, all videos are 50% off in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month 2019 – use the promo code “NAAM2019” when you rent a single or all videos to receive your discount!***

View the following videos & recorded webinars from Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker’s unique “trifecta perspective” as a psychologist, adoptee & adoptive parent:

  • Talking to Your Child’s Teacher About Inclusive Family Trees
  • How Trauma Impacts the Adoptee Brain: Implicit Memories & the 6 F’s
  • Responding to Trauma Reactions: Transitions & Separation Anxiety
  • Responding to Trauma Reactions: Homework Headaches
  • Responding to Trauma Reactions: Rages & Aggression
  • Responding to Trauma Reactions: Lying, Stealing & Hoarding
  • Responding to Trauma Reactions: Argumentative & Oppositional
  • Responding to Trauma Reactions: Bedtime Struggles
  • Creative Discipline Strategies that Build Healthy Attachment
  • The Best Ways to Handle Bullying at School
  • The Mixed Emotions of Adoption Anniversaries, Birthdays & Holidays
  • EMPOWRD! Ways to Respond to Adoption Questions
  • Emotional Preparedness for Homeland Visits
  • Name Changes in Adoption
  • Screening for an Adoption-Competent Therapist
  • How to Help a Child Narrate Their Adoption Story
  • How to Talk About Difficult Birth Histories: Abuse/Neglect/DV
  • How to Talk About Difficult Birth Histories: Substance Abuse
  • How to Talk About Difficult Birth Histories: Product of Rape/Prostitution
  • How to Talk About Difficult Birth Histories: Human Trafficking
  • Privilege, Racism & Oppression 101: Understanding the Lingo & System
  • Privilege, Racism & Oppression 101: Recognizing Microaggressions
  • Privilege, Racism & Oppression 101: How to Respond to Your Child After Negative Racial Incidents
  • Privilege, Racism & Oppression 101: S.H.A.R.E.D. Responses to Racism
  • Privilege, Racism & Oppression 101: Racial Mirrors, Maslow’s Hierarchy & The Cultural Iceberg
  • 7 Core Struggles of Adoptees Throughout the Lifespan: Loss
  • 7 Core Struggles of Adoptees Throughout the Lifespan: Rejection
  • 7 Core Struggles of Adoptees Throughout the Lifespan: Guilt/Shame
  • 7 Core Struggles of Adoptees Throughout the Lifespan: Grief
  • 7 Core Struggles of Adoptees Throughout the Lifespan: Identity
  • 7 Core Struggles of Adoptees Throughout the Lifespan: Intimacy
  • 7 Core Struggles of Adoptees Throughout the Lifespan: Control
  • Understanding & Responding to Adoption Trauma
  • Talking to Transracially Adoptive Kids About Race & Racism