1. Adoption Counseling for the Entire Adoption Process

    With all the different requirements that come with the adoption process, it's easy to forget that adoption counseling is not only beneficial to both the parents and child-- but that evaluations such as pre-adoptive psychological evaluations are a necessary part of every adoption. Beyond Words Psychological Services can provide comprehensive adoption counseling for all your needs. We offer per-adop…Read More

  2. How to Help a Friend Who is Experiencing Abuse

    Whether you are an adult with a friend who is involved in an abusive romantic relationship, or a child or teen who has a friend who is experiencing abuse at the hands of their caregivers, here are four things you can do to offer support to the person in need. SAFETY FIRST: First and foremost, a true friend puts the wellbeing of a friend ahead of the friendship itself. If your friend is in danger o…Read More

  3. Let Our Child Therapist Help With the Uncertain Times of Childhood

    Like skinned knees, uncertain times and self confidence issues go hand in hand with childhood. At some point, every child will feel uncomfortable in the skin they are in. While that is a very normal part of growing up, sometimes the help of a child therapist can be beneficial. Beyond Words Psychological Services can help your child with their uncertain times, making transitions and stressful momen…Read More

  4. Why Abuse Can Create Learned Helplessness

    Many of us have wondered: If a person is being abused, why don’t they tell someone about it and get help? Or if it’s an adult who is being hurt, why don’t they leave the relationship? It sounds like common sense, but the truth is, leaving an abusive relationship can be extremely difficult for both children and adults. This is because abuse is not about harm – it is about power. Regardless …Read More

  5. Let Our Child Psychologist Help Make Sense Of Your Child’s World

    There is so much going on in our child's world these days. Long gone are the “innocent” childhood days of our, or our parent's youth. Now our children face a different world with a lot more out there to cause them stress. Finding the right tools to deal with these stresses is vital when it comes to maintaining a child's mental health and sense of self. At Beyond Words Psychological Services, o…Read More

  6. Effects of Substance Use during Pregnancy

    While common sense tells us that alcohol, tobacco or drug use during pregnancy is not healthy for the mother or fetus, the true effects of such substance abuse on an unborn child are still being researched. Because a pregnant woman who abuses these substances is also more likely to engage in other unhealthy behaviors, such as having poor nutrition or minimal exercise, it can be difficult to tease …Read More

  7. Family Counseling That Works With You, For You

    If you are looking for family counseling with the experience and caring to help your family communicate and heal, consider us at Beyond Words Psychological Services. We have years of experience with family counseling and pride ourselves on putting our focus on youth and family mental health. Family counseling is a collaborative effort. Let Beyond Words Psychological Services take the time to work …Read More

  8. We Can Help With All Your Adoption Counseling Needs

    There are many levels in which adoption counseling which are both necessary and beneficial to families either considering, or completing the process of adoption. From pre-adoptive parent and family psychological evaluations to trauma therapy to help your child deal with the struggles they had before becoming a part of your forever family-- Beyond Words Psychological Services offers the finest in a…Read More

  9. Doing the Best For Your Child Could Mean Seeing A Child Therapist

    As parents, we all strive to do the best for our children. From what they eat, to school, to helping them cope with every day issues. But when your child is having problems at school, or home-- sometimes wanting the best for them, or trying on your own to do the best by them, just isn't enough. In these situations, a child therapist could help immensely. Child counseling at Beyond Words Psychologi…Read More

  10. Is a Social Worker the Mental Health Professional for You?

    It can be difficult to choose the mental health professional that fits your needs. The media often portrays psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers interchangeably, even though there are significant differences in the training these professionals receive, and the services they offer. April’s weekly blogs will focus on helping you to understand the differences between th…Read More