1. Why Do Kids Lie?

    You know your teenager came home after curfew, your daughter spilled nail polish on the carpet, and your son ate cookies before dinner – so why do they lie about it? Learn about the developmental reasons kids lie below, and explore ways that you can help your child to be more honest. 2-3 Years Old Children at this age typically do not lie intentionally, but struggle to distinguish reality from t…Read More

  2. Does Your Child Need Help? Let Our Child Therapist Be There for Your Both.

    Sometimes it's hard to know what your child needs when they are not communicating with your properly. But when your child needs help, as a parent, you usually know. Let Beyond Words Psychological Services and our child therapist help you find the right way to communicate with your child and give them the help they need. We focus on the needs of your child and help them with the stresses and trauma…Read More

  3. Grow Beyond Words With Our Child Psychologist

    Beyond Words Psychological Services offers help for you child when they are having a hard time with school, life, or the speed bumps that seem to pop up in all our lives. Our child psychologist puts focus on a child's needs and helps them develop the skills they need to successfully navigate life. If your child is having a hard time in school, or at home-- don't wait to get them the help they need…Read More

  4. A Lesson in Self-Care from Our Children

    As we move into mid-summer and kids are home throughout the day, you might notice that your stress level rises, but your child's stress level seems to remain pretty stable. What do kids know that we don't when it comes to de-stressing? As adults, we worry about paying bills, our children, our pets, aging parents, work, losing weight, cleaning the house – and the list goes on. And yet, do you rec…Read More

  5. Rough Patches Are A Part of Life, Let Family Counseling Help!

    Just like family road trips-- when it comes to families, there is always a bumpy patch in the road. Beyond Words Psychological Services knows that all families find come upon those bumpy patches from time to time and often find it difficult to deal with on their own. Let us help. Our family counseling focuses on families and children and helping them with the rough patches in life. Don't go the ro…Read More

  6. We Can Help With Bullying Prevention

    Bullying is a major problem for children of all ages these days. Whether it be traditional bullying in a school, or daycare environment, or the cyber-bullying that is becoming more and more prevalent-- it's important to teach our children how to prevent, and cope with bullying in their lives. Beyond Words Psychological Services can help. We offer anti-bullying programs designs to help with bullyin…Read More

  7. Let Our Child Therapist Help Your Child Cope With Stress and Trauma

    A good child therapist can help your child cope with the everyday stresses of life, as well as the extraordinary stresses associated with major life events and traumas. A death of a family member, abuse, or trauma can all cause a mental impact that we can't always perceive the outside, but which effect our children and how they see, and interact with the world. Beyond Words Psychological Services …Read More

  8. Making Sense Of Concerning Behaviors With Our Child Psychologist

    Sometimes children do things we just don't understand. Like take the DVD player apart, or jump of the top bunk to see if they can fly. All of which are pretty normal in childhood and child development. But sometimes a child's behavior can be concerning and it's difficult for a parent to know how to deal with the behavior, or even-- what to think of it. Beyond Words Psychological Services and our c…Read More

  9. Family Counseling and Support Groups for Your Family

    Beyond Words Psychological Services is happy to offer not only the best in family counseling and adoption counseling-- but we also support and offer great support groups as well. We believe that finding the support and understanding from those who have, or who a currently experiencing the same circumstances as our clients is key and Our support groups for adopted children help with communication s…Read More

  10. Tips for Parenting Trauma-Reactive Kids

    While I could write for days on the topic of trauma in adoption and foster care kiddos, I’m writing this blog with the assumption that many parents already understand quite a bit about the basics of it. After all, adoptive parents receive a lot of training about “trauma.” You learn about brain development, definitions of trauma, how it impacts your kiddo and how to be aware of signs that sug…Read More