“The Adoptive Parent Self-Reflection Journal Virtual Group” begins Jan. 19, 2021!

Group FAQs:

  • Group members must identify as an adoptive caregiver & reside within the U.S.
  • All groups will be held virtually, with no more than 6 members in addition to the facilitator, Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker.
  • $40.00 per member per 90-minute group; private pay only, insurance not accepted.
  • Groups will be held every other Tuesday from 3:30-5PM-Pacific/4:30-6PM-Mountain/5:30-7PM-Central/6:30-8PM-Eastern from Jan. 19, 2021 through May 25, 2021 (session dates Jan. 19, Feb. 2, Feb. 16, March 2, March 16, March 30, April 13, April 27, May 11, May 25).
  • Group members must purchase a copy of “The Adoptive Parent Self-Reflection Journal.”  Journal chapters will frame topics for each session, and while writing is encouraged, it is not required and homework will never be assigned.

This group is full – Stay tuned for future groups!

*If enrolling as a couple, each individual must complete a request form & purchase a journal.



Adoption is complex, and you deserve to work with a professional who can help you understand and support the adoptee in your life to the best of your ability. I have a literal lifetime of experience with adoption – as an international and transracial adoptee from India, adoptive parent to a son from Ethiopia, & professional who has worked in the adoption community since 2002.

I offer a range of services for prospective adoptive parents, current adoptive parents & family members of adoptees:

  • Adoption Advice Consultations (phone/virtual- 50 min – $95) – for pre/adoptive caregivers or family members in any U.S. location seeking one-time or occasional consultation for educational support and resources
  • Pre-Adoption Evaluations (in-person/virtual- length and fees vary depending upon requirements) – psychological testing & interviews as required by agencies/countries to receive approval to adopt a child (only available in certain states, see list below)
  • Counseling (in-person/virtual- 50 min-$160 or 25 min-$80) ongoing support for pre/adoptive caregivers or family members (only available in certain states, see list below)

I provide consultations to adoptive parents & family members who reside anywhere in the U.S., & am licensed to provide counseling & evaluation services to those who reside in the following states, which are part of the PSYPACT interstate compact:

Arizona (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Colorado (ages 15+, in-person & virtual services available)
Delaware (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Georgia (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Illinois (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Missouri (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Nebraska (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Nevada (ages 18+, virtual services only)
New Hampshire (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Oklahoma (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Pennsylvania (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Texas (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Utah (ages 18+, virtual services only)

Contact us to request an appointment!