Looking for a virtual adoptive parent support group? Join me for adoption education, resource recommendations, parenting tips & suggestions, & more – your questions will direct the discussion! Fee: $25 per household. Complete the registration form to secure your spot!

Enrollment is open for the Summer 2021 Adoptive Parent Virtual Journal Weekend!


  • Group members must identify as adoptive caregivers, reside within the U.S. & be at least 18 years of age when the group begins.
  • The virtual journal weekend will be held on July 23rd, 24th & 25th (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) from 9AM-12PM-Pacific/10AM-1PM-Mountain/11AM-2PM-Central/12PM-3PM-Eastern each day. Enrolled members are expected to attend all days.
  • The enrollment fee is $390 per household; this includes access to all groups and journal materials. All members will receive both an electronic and hard copy of the journal prior to the group.
  • Group discussion topics will follow the chapters of “The Adoptive Parent Self-Reflection Journal.” Day 1 discussion topics will be prompts from chapters 1-3, Day 2 will be chapters 4-7, and Day 3 will be chapters 8-10.
    • Day 1 (July 23rd):

      • Chapter 1: In the BeginningWe’ll explore your earliest introductions to adoption, how your perceptions of family have grown & what you wish you had known about being an adoptive caregiver.
      • Chapter 2: BeliefsWe’ll discuss how your beliefs about adoption have evolved, what you & your children have lost/gained through adoption & how your perceptions influence discussions with your child on adoption-related topics.
      • Chapter 3: Wishes & What If’s – We’ll discuss your curiosities, wishes, hopes & all of the big “what if’s” for yourself & your child related to your adoption experience.
    • Day 2 (July 24th):

      • Chapter 4: Perspective Letters – We’ll consider how it would feel to write to and receive letters from your child as an adult or their first family members, exploring a wide range of perspectives, hopes & fears.
      • Chapter 5: Family – We’ll explore roles & relationship dynamics within your adoptive family.
      • Chapter 6: Special Days – We’ll discuss how birthdays, adoption anniversaries, Mother’s/Father’s Day & other significant days may affect you & your child.
      • Chapter 7: Relationships – We’ll talk about how your adoptive parent identity influences your sense of trust, belonging, significance & confidence in relationships & the larger world.
    • Day 3 (July 25th):

      • Chapter 8: Boundaries – We’ll discuss how it feels when others ask about your family’s adoption experiences & how you choose to respond or set boundaries.
      • Chapter 9: The Media – We’ll explore how you are affected by depictions of adoptees on TV, movies, books & public arenas, & how these portrayals may impact your child.
      • Chapter 10: Closing Thoughts – We’ll take time to summarize concepts discussed & consider how they can be applied to your life to improve your relationship with your adoptive children.

Complete this form to enroll! Registration closes July 15, 2021.




Adoption is complex, and you deserve to work with a professional who can help you understand and support the adoptee in your life to the best of your ability. I have a literal lifetime of experience with adoption – as an international and transracial adoptee from India, adoptive parent to a son from Ethiopia, & professional who has worked in the adoption community since 2002.

I offer a range of services for prospective adoptive parents, current adoptive parents & family members of adoptees:

  • Adoption Advice Consultations (phone/virtual- 50 min – $95) – for pre/adoptive caregivers or family members in any U.S. location seeking one-time or occasional consultation for educational support and resources
  • Pre-Adoption Evaluations (in-person/virtual- length and fees vary depending upon requirements) – psychological testing & interviews as required by agencies/countries to receive approval to adopt a child (only available in certain states, see list below)
  • Counseling (in-person/virtual- 50 min-$160 or 25 min-$80) ongoing support for pre/adoptive caregivers or family members (only available in certain states, see list below)

I provide consultations to adoptive parents & family members who reside anywhere in the U.S., & am licensed to provide counseling & evaluation services to those who reside in the following states, which are part of the PSYPACT interstate compact:

Arizona (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Colorado (ages 15+, in-person & virtual services available)
Delaware (ages 18+, virtual services only)
District of Columbia (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Georgia (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Illinois (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Missouri (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Nebraska (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Nevada (ages 18+, virtual services only)
New Hampshire (ages 18+, virtual services only)
North Carolina (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Oklahoma (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Pennsylvania (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Texas (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Utah (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Virginia (ages 18+, virtual services only)

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