WINTER 2022 VIRTUAL JOURNAL GROUP DISCUSSION TOPICS BY WEEK (based on the chapters of “The Adoptee Self-Reflection Journal”):

  • Group #1: Jan. 11 – Chapter 1: In the Beginning – We’ll explore your experiences & beliefs about your birth, early interactions with first family members & what you would like to know from the adults who facilitated your adoption process.
  • Group #2: Jan. 18 – Chapter 2: Beliefs – We’ll consider your evolving perceptions of adoption, messages that have influenced your feelings about adoption & how being an adoptee impacts your identity & experiences in the world.
  • Group #3: Jan. 25 – Chapter 3: Wishes & What If’s – We’ll discuss your curiosities, wishes, hopes & all of the big “what if’s” around your adoption experience.
  • Group #4: Feb. 1 – Chapter 4: Perspective Letters – We’ll consider how it would feel to write to and receive letters from various first family members, exploring a wide range of perspectives, hopes & fears.
  • Group #5: Feb. 8 – Chapter 5: Adoptive Family – We’ll explore roles & relationship dynamics within your adoptive family.
  • Group #6: Feb. 15 – Chapter 6: Special Days – We’ll discuss how birthdays, adoption anniversaries, Mother’s/Father’s Day & other significant days affect you.
  • Group #7: Feb. 22 – Chapter 7: Relationships – We’ll talk about how your adoptee identity influences your sense of trust, belonging, significance & confidence in relationships & the larger world.
  • Group #8: March 1 – Chapter 8: Boundaries – We’ll discuss how it feels when others ask about your adoption story & how you choose to respond or set boundaries.
  • Group #9: March 8 – Chapter 9: The Media – We’ll explore how you are affected by depictions of adoptees on TV, movies, books & public arenas.


  • Group members must identify as an adoptee, reside within the U.S. & be at least 18 years of age when the group begins.
  • Groups will be held Tuesdays from 3:30-5PM-Pacific/4:30-6PM-Mountain/5:30-7PM-Central/6:30-8PM-Eastern from Jan. 11-March 8, 2022.
  • All groups will be held virtually, with no more than 6 members in addition to the facilitator, Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker.
  • Group discussion topics will follow the chapters of “The Adoptee Self-Reflection Journal.” A complimentary copy of the journal will be mailed to all enrollees. A virtual link to join the group & electronic journal prompts for the relevant chapter will be emailed to all enrolled group members the Friday prior to the scheduled group.
  • The fee for enrolling in all 9 groups is $360. Enrollment in individual groups is not available. Enrollment payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Registration closes when the group is full or Jan. 6: Complete your enrollment.


Adoption is complex & you deserve to work with a professional who understands the the nuances of being an adoptee. I have a literal lifetime of experience with adoption – as an international & transracial adoptee from India, adoptive parent to a son from Ethiopia, & professional who has worked in the adoption community since 2002.

I work with teen & adult adoptees from international, domestic, & foster care adoptions who are struggling with areas such as trauma, grief, loss, racial/ethnic/cultural identity, life transitions, & relationships. I typically approach therapy through the lens of the 7 Core Struggles in Adoption (loss/abandonment, rejection, grief, guilt/shame, identity, intimacy, control), offering individual therapy tailored to fit your needs, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a specialized form of trauma therapy that can help adoptees navigate the struggles experienced early in life.

I am licensed to provide counseling to adoptees who reside in the following states, , which are part of the PSYPACT interstate compact:

Alabama (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Arizona (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Arkansas (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Colorado (ages 15+, in-person & virtual services available)
Delaware (ages 18+, virtual services only)
District of Columbia (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Georgia (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Illinois (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Kansas (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Kentucky (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Maine (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Maryland (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Minnesota (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Missouri (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Nebraska (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Nevada (ages 18+, virtual services only)
New Hampshire (ages 18+, virtual services only)
New Jersey (ages 18+, virtual services only)
North Carolina (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Ohio (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Oklahoma (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Pennsylvania (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Tennessee (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Texas (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Utah (ages 18+, virtual services only)
Virginia (ages 18+, virtual services only)
West Virginia (ages 18+, virtual services only)

Counseling sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes ($160) or 25 minutes ($80). Initial consultations are complimentary. There is currently a waiting list of 2-4 months for new clients (openings sooner with daytime availability, longer with late afternoon/evening availability).

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