We all struggle at times, and asking for help can be hard. Searching for a competent and compassionate psychologist that you trust to provide that help can feel like a daunting task. Reviewing lists of providers, seeing pictures and descriptions…they can all start to look the same after awhile, leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed…But if you’re viewing this page right now, take a deep breath. Remind yourself why you are seeking support, and trust your gut – take the time you need to find the psychologist you connect with enough to share your life.

Take a few minutes to browse through my website, and notice if you feel a connection. I do not offer “general” services, because I think it is important to provide my clients with the most knowledgeable, competent, and dedicated services possible – I specialize in adoption and trauma work with families and individuals of all ages, because that is what I feel passionate about and what I have experience with both personally and professionally. I offer a complimentary consultation session for first-time clients, because I think it is important for us to meet so that you can decide if the relationship feels like a good fit. I hope my website will answer some of your questions, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!